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New and exciting updates have been happening here at Connie Maxwell! Our children and staff often utilize the Greenwood campus pavilion for cookouts, events, and more. While this is a popular place for gatherings, it was time for a refreshing update. Thanks to Connie Maxwell’s Alumni Board, and other alumni supporters, they raised the necessary funds for a pavilion project! With determination, prayer, and hard work, this dream has become a reality.

Sparrow Swamp Baptist Church visited and stayed on our campus during the first week of April to help remodel the pavilion. Updates included new paint, brickwork, windows, lighting, fans, remodeled bathrooms and kitchen, new appliances, and even sliding garage doors for an open or closed atmosphere. In addition, a storage building was constructed alongside the pavilion.

Sparrow Swamp Baptist Church, located in Timmonsville, South Carolina, has volunteered to help Connie Maxwell for the past six years. Each year a new project is selected for their missionaries to work on for our campus. Our ministry greatly appreciates their hard work and dedication. Pastor Stan Sullivan has helped to organize all of their missions for Connie Maxwell. 

Though the project is not yet complete, it has been used for an independence day cookout and was a massive hit for our children, staff, and families.