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Connie Maxwell's largest facility and headquarters for its statewide ministry is the Greenwood campus. Here, school-aged boys and girls live in nine family-style homes. Live-in staff help to meet the children's physical, social, and emotional needs. Learn More.


The Brookland campus, located in Orangeburg, offers a regional home for school-aged boys and girls. Two cottages, with live-in staff, house eight children each. Local South Carolina Baptist churches provide a church home for the children and staff. Learn More.


Marie Younts Girls' Home is located in the Mauldin area and provides residential care for six girls. The girls attend Mauldin High School and are active in a local South Carolina Baptist Church, participating in Bible study, worship and missions. Learn More.


The Pee Dee Girls' Home in Florence provides residential care to eight girls. The girls attend local schools and have opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities. Family involvement is encouraged, and the girls participate in recreational activities on a regular basis. Learn More.


Our Adams Campus is located in Chesterfield. The facility was named the Adams Campus in honor of Paul Adams, a supporter and alumnus of Connie Maxwell, as well as a former resident of Chesterfield. Learn More.