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max-well im-ag-i-neer: A person who helps children and families pursue their DREAMS and IMAGINE brighter futures

The children who come to Connie Maxwell are in the most painful and confusing times of their lives, harming their ability to dream and believe that a bright future is possible, and all this through no fault of their own. By becoming a Maxwell Imagineer, you can help children imagine brighter futures as we restore what has been taken from them.

You can help children dream again.


To become a Maxwell Imagineer, all you have to do is participate in our monthly giving program, setting recurring gifts to any area of Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries to occur on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. These gifts can be any amount, and see the list below to learn specifically what your monthly gift can do in the life of a child.


Maxwell Imagineers will enjoy:

  • An exclusive Maxwell Imagineers shirt with our Imagineers logo
  • A prayer magnet detailing specific prayer needs for our ministry
  • An exclusive E-newsletter about how your consistent support is changing lives and helping children imagine a brighter future
  • Early access and exclusive invitations to events, concerts, and other things happening across our ministry
  • A copy of our annual report
$10 a month can provide new shoes and clothes to a student for the school year.
$20 a month can provide a “school-ready” sponsorship for one student for one school year. This includes shoes, clothes, a backpack, and supplies for the year.
$50 a month can provide extracurricular activities like field trips, band, sports, and Connie Maxwell trips for a child for the year.
$100 a month can provide 13 meals for a child in our residential care.
$250 a month can provide counseling sessions for 2 children for almost a full year.
$500 a month can provide a vacation experience to a boys and girls cottage (up to 16 children). Many of our kids have never seen the ocean or the mountains on a vacation experience prior to arriving at Connie Maxwell.
$1000 a month can provide all of the “direct care” costs associated with providing a loving, Christian home for the children we serve. This includes the provision of things like food, clothing, education, activities, counseling, house-parent salaries, and other critical needs.