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Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees consists of a variety of men and women from across the state of South Carolina. The Trustees serve Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries by providing oversight, accountability, vision, and guidance for our ministry. 

2024 Officers

Chairman – Frank Boulineau

Vice Chairman – James Wright

Secretary – Dena Lucy

Finance/Business Operations/Human Resources – Bunyan Cave

Advancement/Marketing/Engagement – Pam Sanders

Spiritual Formations/Services/Programs – Dan Walters

Board of Trustees Committees – 2024

Finance/Business Operations/Human Resources
Chair – Bunyan Cave
James Wright, Brian Whitaker, Mike Moody, Phil Rine, Carol Whitfield, Frank Boulineau, Ernest Mackins

Chair – Pam Sanders
Mike DeCosta, Ladson Berry, Derrick Davenport, David Cline, Jerry Rentz, Eddy Thomas, Clark McCrary

Spiritual Formations/Services/Programs
Chair – Dan Walters
Janet Cofield, Stewart Cooner, Dena Lucy, Roma Muller, David Bennett

Serving Through 2024

Mr. Frank Boulineau

Myrtle Beach, SC

Mrs. Dena C. Lucy

Fort Mill, SC

Mr. Dan Walters

Greenwood, SC

Mr. Derrick Davenport

Williamston, SC

Serving Through 2025

Mrs. Roma Muller

Lexington, SC

Mrs. Pam Sanders

North Charleston, SC

Mr. James Wright

Elgin, SC

Rev. Michael DeCosta

Alcolu, SC

Rev. Mike Moody

Honea Path, SC

Serving Through 2026

Mr. Ladson Berry

Spartanburg, SC

Mrs. Janet Cofield

Lexington, SC

Dr. Ernest Mackins

Anderson, SC

Mrs. Carol Whitfield

Saluda, SC

Rev. David Cline

Greenville, SC

Serving Through 2027

Mr. Bunyan Cave

West Columbia, SC

Mr. Stewart Cooner

West Columbia, SC

Mr. Brian Whitaker

Greenwood, SC

Mr. Phillip C. Rine

Rock Hill, SC

Serving Through 2028

Rev. David J. Bennet

Lexington, SC

Mr. Clark McCrary

Edisto Beach, SC

Mr. Jerry Rentz

Greenwood, SC

Mr. Eddy Thomas

Mt. Pleasant, SC