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Around 200 people gathered at Connie Maxwell Baptist Church on Saturday, August 14, to hear Trudy Cathy White. Her parents Jeannette and S. Truett Cathy, were founders of the now-famous restaurant known as Chick-fil-A. That evening was an experience of fellowship and a chance to learn more about the legacy and journey of the Cathy family

From the pages of her latest book, A Quiet Strength, Trudy shared the life and legacy of her mother. She revealed her mother’s life lessons for a firm foundation and the dedication it took to raise their family. 

Trudy described each foundation that her mother lived by and how she inspired many others throughout her life.

An analogy used by Trudy herself was that when you look at a tree, you do not see the roots themselves; however, without them, the tree would not be able to stand. Therefore foundations are what determine the roots of your life. “The choices you are making now, you are building your legacy. The legacy you are going to leave is the life you are living right now,” she said.

Trudy shared as she delivered a powerful message on how attitude, determination, and discernment are all groundwork for a life well-lived. First, she spoke about how attitude determines your outlook on life. Seeing your surroundings as positive can have a significant impact on not only yourself but the people who surround you. Determination was the second essential foundation mentioned, emphasizing her mother’s saying to “never, never give up.”  Lastly, Trudy described how discernment is an important part of living life. She spoke about how saying ‘no’ is part of having a balanced life. “Sometimes you have to set things aside and walk away to focus on what is important, such as time with the Lord,” she said. 

Trudy spoke about her family’s strength through their strong relationship with the Lord and how that has positively impacted their family. 

Earlier in the afternoon, the Connie Maxwell DreamMakers had a private meeting with Trudy Cathy White. This is a group of women who seek to glorify God and further His kingdom by nurturing healing, enhancing beauty, and instilling hope throughout our ministry. They support and partner with Connie Maxwell and its mission and vision through volunteer and philanthropic efforts for the dreams of children. 

During that time, Trudy presented Dreammaker co-chairs Debra Nicholson and Polly Davis with a special recognition award for their service and impact at Connie Maxwell and their work with DreamMakers.