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Interested in learning more about us?

We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions to help you get started. Have some questions that aren’t answered here? Get in touch and we’ll be get back to you as soon as we can.


What is the process of placing a child in the residential care program?

Children are accepted into Connie Maxwell Ministries based on need and our ability to help them. While referrals may come from any concerned person who knows of a child in need of residential placement, applications can only be taken from a parent or legal guardian who is a South Carolina resident.

If the parent or guardian wants to pursue admission for his or her child, an interview will be scheduled at one of our campus locations and application materials given at that time. A family service worker will assist in the application process, and gather as much information as possible to determine if Connie Maxwell is the best place for the child and family.

Sharon Kendrick is our Intake Coordinator and can be reached at  (864) 942-1432.

How do I become a volunteer?

There are a variety of opportunities for you or your organization to make an impact at Connie Maxwell. Churches, other groups, and individuals can volunteer at any of our five campus locations. Individuals and groups may volunteer to help with a one-time event or an ongoing project. Volunteer opportunities may include teaching crafts, tutoring, physical work programs, or sponsoring a cottage. For more information about volunteering, please contact Jules Thompson, volunteer coordinator at (864) 942-1494.


Am I allowed to take pictures of the children and post them on social media sites?

In order to take pictures of the children, permission must be given by Sheila Price, vice president of marketing and communications, or by authorized staff, such as a family service worker. Many of our children are under certain protections and cannot be photographed. Should you receive permission, please do not post their pictures with their names on any website. This is not allowed under any conditions due to the public nature of the web.

May I donate toys, clothes, and other items to the children, and how do I do this?

We do accept a wide range of donations throughout the year. Before collecting or delivering any donations, please contact Sandy McManus at (864) 942-1400. If you are interested in donating Christmas gifts for a child, please contact Whitney Newby at (864) 942-1426 for further information.

How can I find out about a family member that grew up at Connie Maxwell?

Please make a formal request in writing to: Whitney Newby, Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, P.O. Box 1178 Greenwood, SC 29648-1178. Please include the full name (and maiden name if applicable) and the years your loved one was at Connie Maxwell (to the best of your knowledge).

Can I adopt a child from Connie Maxwell?

The majority of our children are privately placed by their families and not adoption eligible. Occasionally we do have children under state custodianship who may be adopted. For more information, please contact Sharon Kendrick, intake coordinator at (864) 942-1432.