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Sometimes things happen. We are here for you when they do.

Children can’t control their circumstances. But what we can do is ensure that they have a safe, secure, place to live while their home situation gets sorted out. Children can stay in our crisis care program for 1 to 90 days. If they need to stay longer, no problem. We will welcome them into our residential care program for as long as they need.

We provide a “home away from home” for children in emergency situations.

Cooper Nixon Emergency Cottage is available for short-term emergency placements and is located near the main campus of Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries in Greenwood, SC. The cottage is staffed by two adults and a nighttime care staff member. All of the meals, recreation, and study sessions are conducted in the cottage by the cottage parents and volunteers. The cottage has a capacity of eight school-aged children and can accommodate both boys and girls. The Adams Campus in Chesterfield has a similar cottage with the capacity of eight school-aged children.


  • Children live in a roomy, family-style home with live-in staff

  • Capacity of eight children

  • Can accommodate boy and girl placements

  • Fast approval times

  • Can accommodate school-aged children

  • Referrals taken from the Department of Social Services (DSS) or parents/guardians

What to expect when you call

If you are interested in learning more about our crisis care program, we encourage you to give us a call.  We offer fun experiences and enriching activities for the children that are in our care.  Like all Connie Maxwell residents, children in our crisis care receive medical, dental, optical, and counseling care.



If I place my child with Connie Maxwell, will you make a report to DSS?

We are not connected to DSS, and we don’t report parents just because they place their children with us.

When a child is placed with Connie Maxwell, do parents lose custody to Connie Maxwell or DSS?

No, we do not take custody of or involve DSS with the children placed in our care.

Do parents lose their right to make decisions about their children, including when they are discharged back home?

No, parents are included in decision making for their children, and they can decide when they are discharged unless Connie Maxwell chooses to discharge the child for safety or behavioral reasons.

What things do we consider when determining whether or not to place a child?

We have to consider the safety of the children already in the cottage. Our cottages are family-like, and we accept children who can function in a home environment. We want children to be able to attend school. Willingness to be placed on the youth’s part is a factor.

Are most of the children there because they have been in trouble?

No, children at Connie Maxwell are not placed with us because of “bad” behavior.

Why are children placed at Connie Maxwell?

Most of our children are placed by their families who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to care for their children at the time. Grandparents that are having difficulty (financially, health issues, physical ability) raising their grandchildren, or providing assistance with disrupted adoptions.

Is there any cost to the parents if their child is placed at Connie Maxwell?

No, the parents do not have to pay for the child to be placed here.

If a child is placed at Connie Maxwell, can parents call and visit with them?

Yes, parents can call their children often at the cottage and can schedule weekend home visits. Visits may need to be arranged around activities (sports, trips, etc.) the children are involved in with the cottage or school.

How long does a child have to stay when they are placed?

Two different programs can place a child. The Crisis Program can accept children quickly, and the child can stay from 1 to 90 days, depending on the needs of the family. Our residential program focuses on longer-term placements. A child can remain in that program as long as their situation requires, even through high school graduation and beyond.


Dee Miller

Director, Emergency Shelter

(864) 942-1408 (direct) or (864) 377-0563 (cell)