On November 7, 2019 a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for White Moorhead Cottage. Above, from left, Trustee B.M. Cave, DreamMakers Member Teresa Peterson and Trustee Walter Peterson, DreamMakers Member Kathy Troutman, Lorie Parker, Trustee Roger Troutman, Trustee Derrick Davenport, President Danny Nicholson, Duke Parker, Trustee Richard Lackey, DreamMakers Member Nancy Watterson, First Lady and DreamMakers Co-Chair Debra Nicholson, Former First Lady and DreamMakers Co-Chair Polly Davis and President Emeritus Dr. Ben Davis. Duke and Lorie Parker own Parker Home Furnishings and played a key role in providing the furniture and interior design of White Moorhead Cottage.

A group of service-minded women has been meeting for about a year to help make the dreams of Connie Maxwell’s children come true. DreamMakers exists to “glorify God and further His kingdom by nurturing healing, enhancing beauty and instilling hope,” and the group is ready to welcome new hands and feet to the ministry. Under the leadership of former and current First Ladies Polly Davis and Debra Nicholson, the potential reach of DreamMakers is limitless.

“When you get women together you get a whole lot accomplished. DreamMakers is choosing different projects across the campuses and putting the ladies’ touch on it. Whether you can physically serve around a house, decorate or be a prayer warrior for the children – all skill sets are needed,” says Nicholson.

DreamMakers seeks women who are willing to incorporate their gifts of resources, talent, time, expertise, and/or influence in order to meet the needs of current and future children living at Connie Maxwell, and to partner with its mission and vision. Ruth Graham, daughter of Evangelist Billy Graham, serves as an honorary co-chair of DreamMakers and recently greeted members with an encouraging video message. She is planning on attending the next DreamMakers meeting at Connie Maxwell on August 1, 2020. Meetings are held twice a year during which members meet children, tour the campus and gain a better understanding of ongoing work at Connie Maxwell.

“Women have been involved in the ministry at Connie Maxwell for 128 years. We know that women leaders can get things done. I’m thrilled that these women are coming to be a part of the children’s lives in this way,” says President Dr. Danny Nicholson.

This fall about 25-30 DreamMakers members worked with the Board of Trustees to renovate the White Moorhead Cottage on the Greenwood campus. A Nov. 7 ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to reopen the cottage, which has served visiting families and volunteers since 1992. Due to increasing needs for campus housing, the renovated White Moorehead Cottage is now home to high school-aged girls.

As plans for ongoing work continue DreamMakers is ready to involve women from across the state, and beyond, who are interested in becoming an ambassador for Connie Maxwell while meeting tangible needs. Whether they assist with campus renovations, replant flower beds, provide birthday or holiday gifts for children, or personally spend time mentoring a child, the women of DreamMakers are vital to Connie Maxwell’s overall strategic plan. Current members have a variety of experiences and backgrounds, and some are alumni themselves.

“We are seeing God at work helping to make the dreams of kids here come true. They are dreaming of a safe place to live and a bedroom they can call their own, with some of these kids having never slept in a bed. DreamMakers is working to provide this for our kids here. We are praying to help meet the specific needs of the kids coming on campus,” says Debra Nicholson.

Some of those immediate needs include renovations to several boys’ cottages, landscaping at all cottages and additional space to house children who are waiting for a home. Dr. Nicholson says the heart of DreamMakers reflects the dream of Connie Maxwell, which is to see every child’s desire to be loved and to belong realized through a relationship with Christ.

“We need people to be aware of what’s going on with these children and how much they need us. Connie Maxwell works to provide a steady presence in their lives, showing them that they are loved and will never be alone again. The children also have personal dreams, and we help them discover and nurture their gifts and talents because we know their dreams can save their lives. DreamMakers can also support the children’s dreams of being loved, being successful and to help fulfill the greatest dream of knowing Christ,” he says.

For her part, Debra Nicholson wants women across the region to know that DreamMakers is open to anyone willing to love and serve the children of Connie Maxwell.

“I would love for women to invite their friends from church, and they don’t have to be Southern Baptist. We are just trying to spread the word about Connie Maxwell and what we do here. There’s no qualification to be involved in DreamMakers, you just have to have a big heart and want to help a child,” she says.

“If we are able to look back in ten years wouldn’t it be great to see dozens of different projects completed where women could say ‘we put our prayers and faith into making the campus better.’

Their fingerprints will be on the lives of our children,” says Dr. Nicholson.

For more information about how to get involved with DreamMakers, please contact Debra Nicholson at (864) 942-1490.