6.21.19 — Brad Martin, director of OASIS at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, was named the 2019 Agriculturist of the Year by the Greenwood Rotary Club. Martin was presented the award by Area Livestock and Forages Extension Agent Gary Coleman during their May 28 meeting.

Martin is a graduate of Berry College with a degree in Ag Business and Early Childhood Education. While in college, he was awarded the American FFA Degree. Less than one percent of FFA members earn this recognition making it one of the organization’s highest honors.

Before coming to Connie Maxwell, Martin was employed by the University of Georgia Extension Service and was also a successful agent with Georgia Farm Bureau.

Martin has served as the director of OASIS since 2001. OASIS stands for Outdoor Adventures Specifically Involving Students and is operated on a 530-acre farm adjacent to the main campus of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home in Greenwood, SC. The farm provides a variety of opportunities for education, as well as community outreach, welcoming many events like school field trips, cross-country track meets, weddings, equestrian shows, and more. It also includes a ropes course and campground area for students, staff, and outside groups.

Coleman noted how Martin’s career has come full circle, “from a child who learned about and was influenced by adults who love agriculture, to a teacher of those skills and a keeper of the powerful role of agriculture in shaping the youth of this generation.”

Martin said that out of all the awards and honors he has received throughout his career, he is most proud of his association with Connie Maxwell. He has worked with at least 500 youth in the OASIS program.

“A lot of people came before me, and a lot of people have helped me get to where I am today,” said Martin. “This is pretty cool, and I really appreciate it.”