Clemson University President James P. Clements, Ph.D., congratulates Allen Wood as he receives his Clemson Medallion.

“In hindsight, I have benefited greatly from Connie Maxwell and my years there.” On Friday, February 7, Connie Maxwell Children’s Home Alumni Allen Wood was awarded the highest public honor that Clemson University bestows.

The Clemson Medallion is reserved for specific individuals who’s essential and significant service to Clemson exemplifies the dedication and foresight of the founder Thomas Green Clemson.

When receiving the Clemson Medallion, Wood spoke about his experience of growing up at Connie Maxwell and the impact that it left on his life.

Wood arrived at Connie Maxwell in 1947, at the age of six. He remained here for fifteen years. In his speech, Wood proceeded to joke, “I was 12 years old, and I held the record for running away the most times in an academic year. I ran away so many times that when I was in 6th grade, they asked me to repeat it.” Though mentioning he ran away, Wood also pointed out that Connie Maxwell became a great adventure for him. He credits our Children’s Home in helping him to develop a strong work ethic and responsibility. Both of which Allen Wood is much known for today.

When described by his peers, Wood was said to be dedicated, passionate, and known for his selfless service.

He has contributed a substantial amount of his time to bettering Clemson University and the architecture within its campus.

Allen Wood currently resides in Florence with his wife Josie. While he is now retired, he still serves his beloved Clemson University in many different ways as a Trustee Emeriti.