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11.09.17 — James Wright was honored by Connie Maxwell’s board of trustees during their Nov. 9, 2017 meeting.

Wright, who was the chief financial officer for the South Carolina Baptist Convention for 13 years and later served as vice president for finance and operations at Anderson University, was named interim president at Connie Maxwell Nov. 3, 2016, and assumed duties Nov. 7.

“His gifts of administration and finance, as well as his love for this ministry, have been superb,” said Richard Lackey, chairman of Connie Maxwell’s board of trustees.

Wright reflected on how he initially struggled with the decision to come out of retirement and take on the interim position at Connie Maxwell but then realized how God had been preparing him for it all along.

“Through my time at the Convention and the opportunities I had to visit so many times as a convention representative, as well as my time at Anderson University, through the people I knew and my love for Connie Maxwell, I knew that God had uniquely prepared me for this role,” Wright said.

Wright was also a part of the presidential search committee named William D. Nicholson II the 10th President of Connie Maxwell in July 2017.

B.M. Cave, Connie Maxwell trustee and chairman of the presidential search committee said, “I’ve known James for a long time and have always thought a lot of him. He was a big asset to the search committee as we looked for a new president, and we are very grateful for his service.”

Wright was overcome with emotion as he was presented with a portrait during the meeting that will hang in the Bailey Administration Building.

“In great appreciation for all you’ve done during this transition of leadership, and for your compassion and your long years of service to Christ, we want to tell you how much we appreciate you,” said William D. Nicholson II, president of Connie Maxwell.

“It was such an amazing fit for me to come in and be able to do this work. I look along these walls and see Heyward, Joe, Jimmy, and Ben—people that I’ve served with and look up to,” Wright said. “To be a part of this is really overwhelming, and this experience will not be forgotten.”