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God’s Acre Plan Peak Year

God’s Acre Plan experienced a peak year, with more than 1,600,000 pounds of corn, hay, and produce worth an estimated $20,000.

The Ezell Gymnasium burned in 1958. The boys cleaned the remaining bricks for one cent a piece. Some of those bricks were repurposed for the current grounds shop.

Between 1959 – 1960, there were 410 children living at Connie Maxwell. This is the highest number of children that Connie Maxwell has accommodated at one time. There was also a large number of families receiving financial support in order for the children to remain in their own homes.

The cornerstone of the present Connie Maxwell Baptist Church was laid July 11, 1965. The first service was held on May 22, 1966, the 74th anniversary of the first child’s arrival on campus. Memorial gifts, unrestricted legacies, and special gifts from friends provided funds for construction. Ten faceted stained glass windows were a gift from the alumni.

During 1966, 70% of children on campus had both parents living. The average length of stay was three and a half years.

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