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New Leadership

On July 1, 1946, Dr. A.T. Jamison retired and turned the reins over to Dr. Sam M. Smith, who had served for 16 years as his assistant. Dr. Jamison continued to make his home on the campus where he had lived for 46 years among the children he had loved and served so devotedly. Dr. Jamison passed away due to a sudden illness on August 9, 1947.

In 1946, Connie Maxwell Orphanage was officially renamed Connie Maxwell Children’s Home to reflect that most of the children living at Connie Maxwell were not orphans.

In 1950, the alumni swimming pool (part of the Jamison Square Project) was dedicated, and 15 staff members were recognized for their service of 25 years or more to the children’s home. The alumni completed the Jamison Square Project, which consisted of a pool, picnic pavilion, and skating rink.

In 1951, there were 350 children living on campus.

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