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The Arrival of Sam M. Smith

November 24, 1915, Samuel M. Smith arrived on campus. He was the 752nd child admitted into care at Connie Maxwell Orphanage. He was 10 years old and in first grade when he arrived. The first playground was established on campus in 1917.

The Jamison Home was dedicated on September 3, 1920, and was named for Dr. A.T. Jamison. For many years, the basement served as the bakery. Also in 1920, a modern dairy including electric milkers was built on the site of what is now Brown Cottage.

Connie Maxwell Baptist Church was organized in 1912. Until that time, children and staff had been attending Greenwood First Baptist Church. Three different buildings have served as Connie Maxwell’s church. The original structure was erected as a school building and chapel shortly after the founding of the children’s home. In 1924, construction began on the second church building, which was funded with a gift from the Woman’s Missionary Union of South Carolina.

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