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New Superintendent

Dr. A.T. Jamison served as the second superintendent of Connie Maxwell from 1900-1946. He has the distinction of serving the longest term as director—46 years. He also served as pastor for 34 years from 1912-1946. Dr. Jamison speaks of being a poor farm boy in his early years and never attended college; however, he was an avid reader and became a highly educated man. In 1908, it cost around $85.00 a year to care for one child. The average stay was 8 years.

Connie Maxwell was the first children’s home to make each cottage on campus self-contained. Each cottage had a cow, garden, and poultry yard to provide vegetables, milk, and eggs. The first cottage, known for many years simply as Number One, later became known as the Infirmary, and was finally named Greenwood Cottage in 1912.

Connie Maxwell Orphanage had its own school on campus. Miss Jeannette Murdoch, who had joined the teaching staff in 1900, became principal of the school in 1906 and served in this capacity until 1919 (she had nearly 53 years of total service to Connie Maxwell). The school became one of the most outstanding schools in the state, offering a higher standard and more comprehensive curriculum than available in most schools, especially in the rural areas.

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