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Brookland CAMPUS

An Important Update

As of August 2022, the Board of Trustees and the Executive Council of Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries have made the decision to close the Brookland Campus, effective May 2023. This was a long and difficult decision to make, and we understand that questions may arise around why we would move in this direction. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions section below to hopefully give answers and clarity, and if you have more questions or wish to speak with someone, please submit your information HERE and we will have someone from our leadership team contact you within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Closure of Brookland Campus

What are some of the reasons this decision was made?

There were many factors surrounding this decision, and it would be impossible to explain them all here. A few of the most significant were:

Over the past several years, extensive renovation and repair needs have become apparent at this location, likely costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring this campus up to our high standard of care. This coincided with a significant gift from a donor to start a Charleston campus, and we are now searching for the perfect property to extend Connie Maxwell to Charleston

With these two things in mind, we believe it will produce the most help to our children to take the resources that would be put into repairs and updates at Orangeburg and instead point them in the direction of Charleston. Our resources that currently go to Brookland, plus the resources that would be required to update Brookland, plus the $2 million gift to start Charleston, are all going to come together to build something extraordinary in one of South Carolina’s fastest growing and most historic cities, where many of our current children can be served, and many more are waiting for the hope and healing that Connie Maxwell will bring.

What will happen to the children who live at this location?

There are currently 8 children living at this location. Their highest level of care remains our greatest priority, and we will work closely with the families of all the children we serve at Orangeburg to place them in a setting that best meets their needs

In the effort to put the needs of our children above all else, children will be completing the 2022-2023 academic school year. Once that concludes, arrangements will be made for the children who remain in our care to transition to another Connie Maxwell location. Siblings will remain together and not be separated. Decisions on which location children will transition to will be based on how to best serve each child and sibling group based on their specific needs.

No child we serve will be forgotten or left behind, and we believe that with this move, all of our children will benefit, including the ones currently residing at the Brookland Campus.

What about children who live near Orangeburg and throughout the Lowcountry who need the services provided from Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries?

Connie Maxwell is actively looking for property in The Greater Charleston Area to continue serving children in the Lowcountry. Our plans for this new location will include a Crisis Care home, along with our Family Care services to serve single parents and their dependents. Additionally, this new location will provide office space for a foster care licensing specialist who serves foster parents in this area.

Knowing it may take a few years before the Charleston campus is established and provides services, what can be done in the meantime to serve children and families who need services once the campus ceases operations?

CMCM has four other locations (Greenwood, Mauldin, Florence, and Chesterfield) ready to serve children across South Carolina. Our strategy and goal is to serve children at a CMCM location closest to their biological family because we know this helps support regular visits and reunification into healthier situations (when possible).

Although it will take time to build our new location in The Greater Charleston Area, we are prepared and eager to serve children in the meantime from the Lowcountry at our other four locations. While the distance between children and their biological families can create logistical challenges, we are prepared to overcome these temporary obstacles knowing that serving children in this area will continue to meet a critical need.

What will happen to the staff who work at the Orangeburg location?

Realizing the significant impact this will have on the 8 staff who faithfully serve at the Orangeburg location, CMCM will make every effort possible to provide opportunities for these team members at other CMCM locations.

What will happen to the Orangeburg campus once it is no longer serving children?

CMCM has hired Wilson Kibler, a highly reputable company that specializes in real estate transactions of this nature. The sale of this property, combined with a generous donation from a donor, will provide the financial means for Connie Maxwell to build a healthy and thriving campus in The Greater Charleston Area to serve vulnerable children and families for many years to come!

Are my prayers and support still needed?

More than ever, your prayers and support are needed because the issues and challenges facing vulnerable children and families across South Carolina are growing. As a result, our commitment to meeting the scale and scope of these needs with quality, Christ-centered care is greater than ever!

The Orangeburg campus is still fully operating through May 2023, but our overall ministry impact across South Carolina will grow. We encourage you to learn more about the visionary goals outlined in our 10-year strategic plan, A Decade of Dreams. A few of the ways in which our impact will expand, despite this closure are as follows:

We have newly renovated cottages at our Greenwood location that will soon begin serving more children. We anticipate that the total number of children we serve to only increase even after the Orangeburg location is no longer operating.

Additionally, our Family Care ministry is experiencing significant growth, and renovations on a historic building at our Greenwood campus will allow us to begin serving more single mothers and their children starting in 2023. This means our financial expenses will increase as we expand our much- needed services to more families.

Our Foster Care ministry is also experiencing significant growth. This ministry has trained, licensed, and equipped more than 45 foster parents across South Carolina to care for children, and this number is growing by the month. Connie Maxwell serves nearly the entire state of South Carolina with quality, Christ-centered services to Christian foster parents, and our goal is to serve 200 foster parents by 2030.


We are always grateful for the support of people that help us further our mission of restoring the Faith, Family, and Future of vulnerable children and families. You may view our needs list below to see the typical items on a week’s grocery list for one of our cottages. Please note that the Department of Health requires us to accept commercially canned foods only. If you are interested in fulfilling any of these campus needs, please contact Cody Cann at (803) 707-1266. Thank you for your generosity.

Vernelle Swinton