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Pee Dee Campus 2007 – 2009

I became a resident at Connie Maxwell in 2007. The events that led up to my moving there are not important. The important things are the memories and influence that I still have from living there.

I would not be the person I am today without the help of Connie Maxwell. The staff, the other girls, the constant support we all felt—all had a hand in making me the mother, daughter, and person I am today.

I was not always helpful. I was not always obedient. At times, I pushed the staff to their breaking point, but even on my worst days, one thing never changed—their loyalty and determination to make me believe I was a person worthy of respect and capable of amazing things.

I now live with my husband who is in the military and my two stepchildren in North Carolina. I have been through so much, and I firmly believe if it wasn’t for my mom who found Connie Maxwell and the girls home for opening their doors to me, I would have never made it through half of it.

The memories I have from Connie Maxwell are of family and acceptance. I never felt like I was a part of the staff member’s job or a burden.

I cannot thank them enough for pushing me to be the person I knew I could be.


The memories I have from Connie Maxwell are those of family and acceptance."