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Marie Younts Girl’s Home

In 1996, the Earle Street Home for Girls relocated to Mauldin and was renamed the Marie Younts Girl’s Home.

In 1997, Polly Davis, wife of Connie Maxwell Vice President for Development Ben Davis, became coordinator of a volunteer program. She retired on September 1, 2014, after 17 years of service.

The second playground (current) was established where the Convention Building was formerly located.

Neb Cline, an alumnus of Connie Maxwell, generously donated the funds to renovate the Eastern Star Cottage. The renovation was completed in 1999. The building was renamed in honor of Neb Cline and currently houses most of the program staff. Allen Wood, also an alumnus, donated his architectural services for the project, while the Duke Endowment provided funds for the furnishings.

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