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With the completion of the internal and external reviews, and input from various constituencies on the history, culture, and future dreams of Connie Maxwell, we recruited five Chairs to lead strategic planning committees to establish future goals and objectives for the next ten years.

These five committees were: 1) The Church led by Doug and Sally Kauffmann, 2) Advancement led by Jack Parham, 3) Finance led by Pam Carroll, 4) Marketing and Communication led by Scott Vaughan, 5) Services and Programs led by Jack Cauley. These committees of more than 60 individuals spent four months discussing and preparing recommendations that were presented in December 2018. These committee reports were reduced to a priority list and then expanded the categories to include Capitol Projects and Campus Beautification. It is important to note that a large majority of committee members were Connie Maxwell alumni and staff.

A “Call to Conversation” draft document was created from this strategic priority list and disseminated to the Board of Trustees, alumni, staff, churches, and the Greenwood community. In fact, after conducting several presentations to the Board of Trustees, Alumni Board, and staff, we embarked upon a “Call to Conversation” Tour, which carried us to the living room of donor’s homes, churches, and many individual meetings with leaders and friends across South Carolina.